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Needham Software LLC is proud to announce that Founder and Chief Architect Gus Heck has been promoted to Committer status on the Lucene/Solr project. This is a great honor, and further invigorates his plans to continue enhancing Solr.

With respect to services offered by Needham Software LLC this ensures that any updates to Solr required by our clients can be contributed in a timely manner. It will no longer be necessary to wait for a committer on the project to find time and interest to adopt and sponsor proposed functionality. Of course, any changes to Solr are still subject to community review and the inclusion of features can never be guaranteed. All submissions still must be to the benefit of the Lucene/Solr community, and if the community does not concur regarding the value of the contribution it will not be able to be committed to the project. What can be guaranteed is that it will not be delayed indefinitely because no committer is interested or the interested committers are swamped with work.

Next Steps

In terms of planned contributions, not much changes other than perhaps the timeline/turnaround. Features currently on Gus’s short list are:

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