What we Do

Since 2012, Needham Software LLC has been helping startups, Fortune 50 companies and anyone in between implement and refine search and AI based systems. We provide search and machine learning for retail, mobile and web applications as well as internal productivity or monitoring systems. Integrating these technologies with new or existing systems is what we do best.

Our mission

We seek to help our clients make the most of their structured and unstructured data by making it possible to find the relevant information, gain insights from the data they found and automate the application of the knowledge gained from their data to solve problems and meet the needs of their customers.

Open Source Projects


JesterJ is a search data processing platform for ingesting documents and other data into search engines. It supports a full directed acyclic graph structure with branching and merging of flows. Ease of use and quick startup is emphasized and key features such as fault tolerance and dirty checking “just work.” Try it out for free at www.jesterj.org (Apache 2.0 licensed)

Solr-gradle Plugin

At Needham Software LLC we strongly believe that all code and configuration should be managed with a version control system. We also advocate build processes that can directly support continuous integration. To that end we have written a plugin for the Gradle build tool that allows easy upload and download of config sets to Solr and made it available to the world. Usage details available in the Gradle plugin repository

Our Services

  • Installation and setup of Solr Cloud and Elasticsearch
  • Enrichment and loading of search data
  • Performance analysis and system review
  • Schema and query design
  • Cloud based scalability
  • Custom Solr components or Enhancements to Solr
  • And almost any other search related task!
  • Training Neural Networks
  • Non-Parametric Regression
  • Is Deep Learning the right tool?
  • Transfer Learning
  • Application integration with DL4J

Technologies such as Machine Learning and Search are of little value unless they can be integrated into a useful system. Our founder and Chief Architect, Gus Heck has been programing computers since 1984, Building simulations and statistical models since 1991, writing web applications since 2003, Building enterprise search solutions since 2010, and working with deep learning and neural nets since 2017. This breadth of experience allows him to see the big picture and make the pieces fit together into a comprehensive solution.

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